A foster care program is only as good as the foster families who graciously give of their time and energy to provide a safe and healthy home environment for those foster children placed in their care.

From birth to adulthood thousands of children,each year, require some time away from their family setting due to circumstances that were deemed unsafe by local authorities. It is on such occasions when Foster Care Agencies are called upon to place a child into a certified foster care home.

The need for quality foster homes is why Alpha is committed to the recruitment, training and the maintenance of our homes, while assuring the rights, health and welfare of the children placed within those homes.

Alpha Treatment Centers has placed over ten thousand foster children into hundreds of certified homes since 1987. We understand the difficult task foster parents undertake when asked to assume the responsibilities of parenting a "new" child in their home. Also, we understand the added stress in dealing with a system (including we as an agency) that asks much from foster parents while offering little in the way of reward. Yet...

By helping a child through a difficult time in their life, a foster family becomes a part of that child's life. The time spent with a foster family varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the child's situation. The influence a foster family has on a child may well be a significant and long lasting one. Whether it lasts a few days, several months, or many years, the experience can be life validating. This is why Alpha's goal is to assist foster families in making that influence a positive experience for everyone.

Foster care is a team approach in which foster families play a pivotal role in the success of the team. Become part of our team by calling 951-369-5282 or fill out our INFOMATION SHEET and mail it to:
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Adoption through foster care (also, known as Fost-Adopt) is, in effect, a continuation of the foster care process. When the plan for reunification between the natural parent (or relative) and the foster child fails, an alternative long-term plan is offered to the court by the county social worker. It is at this time that an adoption plan may be introduced on behalf of the foster child. Included in the plan, is the current foster parents as possible adoptive parents for the foster child.

Consider the fact that, by the time adoption is considered, the foster child will have been in foster care for months, a year or longer. Further, consider the fact, that, during this time, the significant parties have collected and evaluated information regarding both the foster child and the foster parents. Thereby, allowing the county to make an informed decision as to whether the current placement is an appropiate adoption home for the child. If so, the county petitions the court to preceed with the adoption process naming the current foster parents as the prospective adoptive parents. The child remains in their foster home until "papers of intent to adopt" are signed by all authorized parties - this ends the foster care process.

The adoption process continues 

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Where Adoption begins with Foster Care